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Auto Rickshaw Advertising Agency: Best for Brands in India

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Auto rickshaw branding is one of the most conventional and pocket-friendly techniques for raising awareness about a brand. It is a kind of transit media advertising where brands’ flex posters are placed on the entire auto rickshaw or the side hood. As the auto rickshaw goes to almost every corner of the city, your brand also reaches every corner.

 There have emerged many advertising agencies that offer you advertising services. Yescom Media is one such Auto Advertising Agency that provides services in Patna and some prominent cities in India.

Moreover, the auto-rickshaw is one of the cheapest modes of transportation. As it is used by all groups of people, from teenagers to the elderly and middle-class to poor people, the chances of influencing people about your brand increases. Additionally, the cost of advertising through an auto-rickshaw is also very economical. This is why the trend of auto branding has maintained its consistency even in the age of social media advertising.




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