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Homary wardrobe collection

Collapsible Wardrobe

Tidying up your wardrobe and arranging your interior is a hobby that you do with pleasure. Choosing a wardrobe means both finding a piece of furniture suitable for your bedroom or dressing room, but also fitting out the interior to hang your clothes or store them in piles. Here are the criteria to keep in mind:

  • The size of the furniture and the space available as well as the layout possibilities that your room offers. A wardrobe in a bedroom does not have the same effect as in an adjoining room as a dressing wardrobe.
  • The hinged or sliding door opening system is important depending on the space available in your room.
  • The style of the bedroom wardrobe which is defined by the materials used, as well as the shapes and colors, which harmonizes as it should with the rest of your room.
  • The interior layout in a storage cupboard or wardrobe and with additional accessories such as trouser racks, or even drawers and even a mirror.
  • The wardrobe you want to store there for one or more adults, children or even your household linen.
  • The budget available for this essential piece of furniture for everyday life.
  • Finally, your storage habits according to your preferences to place your clothes on hangers on the side of the wardrobe or to fold them on shelves.

The wardrobe is becoming more democratic and is not restricted to the storage of clothes: it unfolds in different forms for any interior.

A wardrobe for every room in the house

The wardrobe can be deployed throughout the house, because it allows you to keep order in each of your rooms. Thanks to its doors that simply close to hide a few scattered objects, it provides an ideal feeling of an interior that is always perfectly tidy in no time.

In the entrance of a house, a cupboard is very useful for coats, but also shoes and all the accessories for the outside like an umbrella or a hat. Consider installing storage boxes for scarves or gloves and child-friendly fasteners.

For an office, the storage area represented by the cupboard is essential for the files that accumulate and the mail to be finished. Choose an office cupboard in the same style as your furniture to give your workspace an extra professional touch.

Installing a large bathroom cabinet in a bathroom is important to keep your bath towels close at hand, and your cosmetics in beautiful display boxes. Above your sink, place a bathroom cabinet with a mirror for storing your beauty products.

For your cellar, imagine storing a few bottles away from light and humidity in a wine cabinet; in a garage, you can also store things away from dust with a metal cabinet.

Home cabinets and storage

Small or large, these pieces of furniture offer multiple storage possibilities in all the rooms of the house, but also outside: a garden cupboard to store tools and flower pots allow you to keep the order essential to an outdoor environment. neat. Similarly, on a terrace, a wardrobe combined with storage shelves refine the aesthetics of your garden furniture.

A chest of drawers or a small wall cabinet is a master key for the storage of small objects and adapts perfectly to storage shelves to give a mixture of volumes to your room. You get a balance between empty spaces to place decorations and full spaces.

Choose a design for your wardrobe in the same style of your bedroom furniture. A wooden cabinet with sober colors gives a minimalist look, popular in the Scandinavian style. A metal cabinet with black or anthracite colors elegantly underlines an industrial bedroom style.

The cupboards have taken up the torch and now dominate an entire section of the wall. By opening its doors in the morning to choose your clothes, it is a ray of sunshine that accompanies you. The selection of wardrobes offered by Homary brings a contemporary style to your bedroom and delicately protects your entire wardrobe.


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